LOC’s combined expertise since 1979 in vessel and rig operations provides a solid foundation to offer a full range of Vessel and Rig Lay-up Consulting Services. Our multi-disciplined team provides a full range of services to aid clients in lay-up/ stacking operations. Support ranges from detailed planning for a lay-up, warm or cold stack through to the lay-up process, management and vessel/rig monitoring to re-activation.

LOC tailors its service to meet clients’ expectation and requirements. Our extensive network of technical personnel and offices means there is support near-by in most locations, thus keeping cost under tight control.

The service focus is to support instructions from rig / vessel owners, shipyards, banks / investment houses, insurers, brokers, ports, maritime agencies and government departments. LOC is familiar with and can work to JRC2019-008 Joint Rig Committee Lay-up, Reactivation and Moorings Code of Practice and Lay-up, Reactivation and Moorings Scope of Work.

LOC offers Technical Support, Inspections & Audit Services, and Engineering & Studies. The following provides highlights in each area:

Technical Support

  • Lay-up/ warm/ cold stack planning and re-activation planning
  • Lay-up /stacking procedures and manuals with recommendations on interim inspections / checks
  • Liaison with insurance interests and / or approval as an independent 3rd party
  • Machinery / equipment protection and preservation measures
  • Advice on maintenance and management during lay-ups
  • Advice on anchoring/mooring adequacy for long term deployment

Inspection, Audit and MWS

  • Location approval and stacking warranty survey and approvals
  • Tow master role and/or MWS for wet/dry tow of rigs to stacking locations
  • Pre lay-up and periodic lay-up/stacking surveys
  • Monitoring and audit of vessel(s)/rigs and location during a lay-up period
  • Re-activation surveys
  • Liaison with insurance interests and / or approval as an independent 3rd party

Engineering & Studies

  • Navigation studies
  • Leg penetration assessment, site specific assessment, exposure to scour for jack up stacking
  • Mooring analysis and checks on redundancy
  • Metocean studies to determine environmental factors
  • Location plan study including support services and contingency planning
  • Risk assessments of the lay-up anchorage / area including proximity advice


For more information on LOC’s capabilities in Vessel and Rig Lay-up Services, please contact Andrew Pointing or Paul Miles.