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By combining the latest in digital analytics and machine learning with traditional engineering, know-how and experience, we can provide specialist software for marine financiers, owners and operators in their promotion of industry regulations for a more sustainable shipping industry. In support of the Poseidon Principles.

About LOC Digital Services

LOC in partnership with Braendler Engineering – experts in green-tech software engineering for asset management – offer specialist capabilities in software and digital engineering solutions to meet the data rich challenges faced by our clients in assessing the carbon footprint of multi-vessel portfolios and other offshore assets.

Our digital know-how also extends to providing intuitive portals to enable desktop reviews of 3D digital twins created from remote robotic inspections. This knowledge enables comprehensive asset inspections to be deployed rapidly and safely across a range of offshore and onshore markets.

The central objective with our Digital Services, is to work with clients to develop the right solutions for them, enabling safer, more efficient business processes balanced with greater sustainability and visibility across energy and shipping sectors.

Digital Package TRITΩN

Our inaugural digital project, TRITΩN, is a preferred service provider to the Signatories of the Poseidon Principles – a industry framework for integrating climate consideration into lending decisions to promote international shipping’s decarbonisation.

How does TRITΩN work?

The platforms facilitates the secure collection and management of multiple confidential data sources from owners and financiers, to assess a multi-fleet investment portfolio’s compliance with the Poseidon Principles.

The platform is a collaboration with VesselsValue, a leading provider of maritime data and analysis to lenders, investors, owners, and regulators.

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