Marine Warranty Surveys for Renewable Energy

LOC Renewables is the pre-eminent marine warranty survey (MWS) providers for the renewable industry as our track record of acting as MWS on more than 30 offshore wind projects demonstrates. Our marine warranty survey activities have covered every scope – foundations, turbines, cables and offshore substations and have been provided during both development and O&M.

  • 30MWS

    offshore renewables projects

  • 5GW

    installed capacity

  • 10


Marine warranty surveying is usually a requirement of the developer’s ‘Construction All Risk’ insurance and experience has shown that it reduces the number of claims significantly, which in turn reduces the insurance costs. We maintain an active and constructive dialogue when providing advice and approvals to developers, underwriters, and engineering & construction contractors to ensure that planning and procedures are well developed and implemented. LOC Renewables has worked with the industry to develop warranty guidelines tailored to offshore wind farm construction.  LOC Renewables engineers carefully review, comment upon and help refine the transportation and installation procedures for wind farms.

Transportation and installation vessels are surveyed to ensure they are seaworthy and suitable for their role. By attending on site for the first key operations, our specialists can provide the necessary assurance and will warrant and approve that the first of each of the key operations is conducted safely and in accordance with the approved procedures.  LOC Renewables then monitors repeat operations to ensure that any changes to the operational procedures are promptly detected. This system of procedural and engineering reviews, confirmation of the suitability of installation vessels and attendance for the first key operation can minimise the cost to the insured by ensuring safe, efficient and claim free construction.