Marine & Engineering Consultancy For Renewable Energy

LOC Renewables provides a wide variety of marine and engineering consultancy services, and through experience gained working on numerous offshore renewable energy projects globally, has a comprehensive understanding of the scope of client needs. We have a dedicated team specialising in providing naval architecture, structural design and analysis and consulting services that are tailored to the specific requirements of the industry.

  • 40

    offshore renewables projects

  • 8GW

    installed capacity

  • 13



  • Cable lay and pull-in analysis
  • Vessel conversions and mobilisation, deck layouts,
  • Moorings and hydrodynamic seakeeping analysis
  • Infrastructure transportation and installation, including substations, monopoles, transition pieces and WTGs
  • Global FEA
  • Site project management
  • OrcaFlex analysis
  • Installation studies
  • Modelling of motion and seakeeping for mooring systems

We have undertaken more short term temporary mobilisations of “vessels of convenience” including offshore supply vessels and barges with cable handling systems including carousel, loading towers, tensioners, cable trackways, 2nd quadrants and overboarding chutes and have undertaken on site project management of these mobilisations protecting the client’s interests and expediting turnarounds of vessel “downtime”.

We are a market leader in the Orcaflex analysis of cable installation activities for both cable lay and pull in scopes and have completed full operability studies for many offshore wind projects. Finally we have also provided consultancy services to tidal energy device manufacturers with installation analysis and cable installation studies as well as modelling Tidal and Wave devices to capture the motions and seakeeping in association with the moorings systems.