Marine Emergency Response For Renewable Energy

LOC Renewables is at the forefront of marine emergency response, with a particular expertise in self-elevating (jack-up) installation and work vessels, having been involved in the Seaworker and Troll Solution incidents. Our experienced consultants have provided technical advice across sectors, on some of the largest and most complex marine casualties in recent years. Our personnel are individually recognised as Special Casualty Representatives when SCOPIC is invoked under a Lloyds Open Form salvage contract.

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    Emergency Response Centres

The experience and knowledge of our experts allows us to offer independent technical advice to our clients from the moment a casualty occurs, right up to the successful completion of the salvage services. By working closely with salvage contractors, we aim to help control costs for our client whilst ensuring the salvage activities are carried out safely, efficiently and with minimal environmental impact.

Our multi-disciplinary teams attend casualties to evaluate the situation, wherever it has occurred. They are experienced in obtaining all relevant information and compiling this data into a comprehensive technical assessment to inform removal or recovery strategies. Teams are often required to model the casualty in industry-standard software packages to assess hull/structural integrity and any potential stability issues.


LOC Renewables will prepare an invitation to tender (ITT) on behalf of owners’ interests for provision of removal services. Our consultants can also support the review and evaluation of both technical and commercial tenders for wreck removal, providing in-depth advice on the options offered by each contractor. We offer quantitative risk assessments for the whole or component parts of the operation to ensure financial transparency at the outset, and to assist in negotiating the terms of contracts so that owners can make timely and informed decisions based on all the facts.

Once a contract for removal has been agreed, LOC Renewables’ salvage teams are available to oversee the execution of wreck removal, specifically contractual performance, ensuring that the interests of the owner and their liability insurers are protected throughout.