Independent & Impartial Renewable Energy Consulting

Ensuring operational success for offshore renewable energy projects. LOC Renewables brings together the vast experience of the LOC Group and that of its fully owned subsidiary, Longitude Engineering, in marine renewable energy.

LOC Renewables - Offshore Renewable Energy Experts

Innovation in the offshore renewable energy sector is accelerating. Bringing experience gained during more than three decades consulting in the marine sector, LOC Renewables has been an independent and impartial partner to many of the major strides in offshore wind development over the last 15 years. Across the spectrum of commercialisation, the less developed wave and tidal energies have also benefited from our sharp, practical experience and detailed technical understanding.

Through our network of 30 offices around the world, we provide cutting edge marine technical expertise in all offshore wind energy locations globally. LOC Renewables is working in every nation currently operating offshore wind projects. Often the trailblazers, LOC have provided consultancy on the very first projects executed in each country. Our expertise covers design, engineering, analysis and warranty of every aspect of marine operations crucial to the successful development of renewables projects. Our unique insight allows us to deliver to our clients.


Southwest Offshore Testbed

Project  2nd Offshore Windfarm in Korea First Phase (Testbed) of Southwest Offshore Windfarm Project 19 nos. Jackets, 1 no. Suction Bucket and 1 no. OHVS WTG – Doosan 3MW…

Windfloat, Portugal

Project Full life cycle demonstration project Constructed & deployed 2011, decommissioned 2016 Three column floating foundation with the WTG mounted over one column Floating technology provides access to +40m…

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