Wave Energy

Wave energy is a vast untapped energy resource offshore.
The technology is still in its infancy and any concept developer faces immense risks in demonstrating the structural integrity of the technology and its installation, let alone its financial viability. It is found in areas that mariners have been avoiding for millennia which makes its deployment exceedingly difficult.
We support developers’ insurance applications with decisive technical assessments of the concepts that underpin pioneering projects, including analysing the concept development and installation of support devices, mooring, anchoring and cable dynamics.

02 Wave Energy Projects.
02 Countries
DEMO Projects Capacity


  • Concept Evaluation
  • Marine Warranty Survey
  • Marine Operations
  • Cable Installation

Projects Advised:

  • Oyster 1 & 2
  • Wavehub

Key Contact

Naval Architect / Mechanical Engineer

Edinburgh, Innosea

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