Support Structure Design

LOC Renewables provides detailed design and engineering services for offshore wind support structures from early feasibility / concept stage. Our expertise covers monopiles, jackets, gravity-based and floating support structures.

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We support offshore wind farm developers in the selection of the relevant support structure type and size, considering WTG size, ground conditions and metocean conditions. Such selection is based on a rigorous screening and scoring process (“mapping study”) of the different support structure types. This process accounts for the multiple interface of support structures (with WTG, inter-array cables, offshore installation and logistics, decommissioning), in order to select optimal solutions considering the full lifecycle of the offshore wind farm.

To support this process, with quantified information, LOC Renewables has developed several software tools.

  • PREDIN is a software tool for fast preliminary design of bottom-fixed support structures, using a very simple set of site conditions and WTG preliminary loads as inputs. Dimension, weight and cost of support structure are very quickly obtained, allowing to compare different solutions. Support structure designs can be exported to offshore analysis software tools, in order to allow for more detailed analysis and design refinement.
  • STATIONIS is a software tool for optimizing the layout of mooring lines and inter-array cables of floating wind farms, depending on the type and properties of floating support structures. It has been found indeed that these layouts constitute design drivers of floating offshore wind farms, in terms of footprint and costs.

Once the support structure type is selected, LOC Renewables further develops the support structure design, at concept / pre-FEED stage.

LOC Renewables can serve different market players:

  • Wind farm developers. In this case, LOC Renewables would act as Owner’s Engineer: we would develop the support structure design at a level that is sufficient for offshore EPCI contractors to tender. We would develop the accompanying tender documentation (Employer’s Requirements) and we would review and challenge the technical content of the proposal submitted by the ECPI contractors.
  • EPCI contractors. In this case, LOC Renewables would develop “tender designs” of the support structure, that would be part of the EPCI contractor proposal.

LOC Renewables has the range of skills required for WTG support structure designs: offshore structures’ analysis, CAD drafting, geosciences and geotechnical design (for piled and superficial foundations), sediments mobility and scour assessment.

LOC Renewables has a strong focus on WTG loads (obviously a key driver of WTG support structure design). At feasibility/concept stage, WTG loads are rarely available at a level of detail sufficient to develop a competitive support structure design. To mitigate this, LOC Renewables has developed generic aeroelastic models, that are used to accurately provide WTG loads (and their distribution within the support structure).

Reference projects:

  • Support structure selection and concept design for Noirmoutier and Le Tréport wind farms (France);
  • Rentel offshore substation monopile tender design (Belgium)
  • Arkona offshore substation jacket tender design (Germany)
  • WTG jacket design for undisclosed Chinese project (China)
  • Basis of Design development for Provence Grand Large floating wind farm (France)

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