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LOC Renewables provides technical expertise to support our clients through each step of the development, operation and decommissioning phases of an offshore wind farm project. ​

57 Engineering for Offshore Wind
11 Countries
11GW+ Capacity Installed

LOC Renewables’ multi-disciplinary experience in the offshore renewables sector means that we are able to provide a wide-range of highly detailed engineering, design, analysis and consulting services to support all critical assets in an renewable energy project, throughout their lifecycle.


We perform desk-based studies to advise on site selection, turbine positioning and support-structure type, based on estimates of energy yield and cost-modelling. We can assess electrical transmission options and review port infrastructure for installation and throughout operational and maintenance activities. ​


We perform preliminary designs of support structures to determine the most cost-effective solutions. For bottom-fixed offshore wind farms, options typically include monopile, jacket and gravity-base structures, while for floating wind farms we consider semi-sub, spar, TLP and barge concepts.

We also specialise in the design of mooring systems for floating projects. ​

Design loads are calculated using integrated, time-domain simulations using either the FAST or Bladed codes. These may be integrated with Orcaflex for simulation of floating turbines. Post-processed load outputs are used either for the original design of turbines or support structures, or to check the suitability of an existing turbine or support structure for a specific site. ​​

We utilise our in-house expertise in geotechnical and metocean engineering to support from an early stage in determining site conditions and site risks. ​

Building on LOC Renewables’ expertise in offshore operations, we advise on installation and operations & maintenance (O&M) logistics. We conduct port studies to assess onshore infrastructure requirements for installation and maintenance activities and provide suitability surveys for proposed support vessels. ​


LOC Renewables provides a digital platform for assessing performance and loading, providing the owner with an independent view on energy yield and remaining structural life.

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