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Stuart Wainwright

Associate Master Mariner


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A seafaring career spanning over 30 years’ with extensive experience and knowledge of aluminium catamarans and both fast ferries and crew transfer vessels for the offshore renewables industry and 6 years as a Marine Warranty Surveyor.

Stuart has extensive experience and knowledge of aluminium catamarans, both fast ferries and crew transfer vessels for offshore wind farms.

Stuart has carried out a large number of suitability, on-hire/off-hire IMCA CMID and to date 7 OCIMF OVID surveys on a variety of vessels for offshore windfarm and oil projects, including offshore supply vessels with ROVs, dive support vessels, offshore construction vessels, crew transfer vessels, cable layers, Conga Surfers, AHTS and harbour tugs, survey vessels, general cargo vessels, heavy lift vessels, pontoon barges, Multi-Cats, fall pipe rock dumping vessels, side rock dumping vessels, personnel transfer vessels, jack-up crane barges/windfarm construction vessels, fishing
vessels, passenger vessel condition surveys and pipe-lay/accommodation vessels. Stuart has worked on behalf of insurance interests and for offshore wind farm contractors as well as oil companies.

As a Marine Warranty Surveyor, Stuart has experience in the review and approval of documentation along with pre- op. meetings and HAZID/HAZOP meetings, attendance and witnessing of towage approvals, loading and unloading of special project cargos, especially pre constructed modules for Petro-Chemical plants as well the load-out and installation of offshore wind farm assets. He has also attended an offshore cable jointing, shore end cable pull-ins and remedial scour protection installation