Our People

Stony Houghton





Stony joined LOC in 2008 as an Inspector and is based in Houston.

In his capacity as an Inspector, he attends and witnesses load outs, issues certificates for sea fastening and land transports, and conducts on hire and off hire surveys. He frequently assists with the load-out and sea fastening of critical subsea equipment for land and offshore transportation.

Stony has been involved in several major BP projects, including the Atlantis, Thunder Horse, and the Atlantis SS2 jumper replacement. Other project work with LOC includes suitability surveys for Exxon’s Point Thompson Project, suitability surveys and MWS for the Jack and St Malo Jumper and Pump Station transportation and installation, MWS and suitability surveys for the VAALCO-E TAME and MWS and on/off hires for the Shell MARS B pile and TSB.

Prior to joining LOC, Stony worked as a Surveyor/Inspector for Bachrach & Wood, where he witnessed loadouts, issued seafastenings and land transport approvals and inspected and documented  conditions of barges and other vessels prior to loading.