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Simon Pollard

Shipping Technical Director


Naval Architects






Since joining LOC in 2007, Simon has provided naval architecture consultancy to P&I clubs, legal firms, shipowners and hull insurers.  Investigations have included bulk carrier, car carrier and river cruise ship damage surveys and data gathering, review of salvage plans, stability assessments, drift analyses and shipbuilding and chartering contract disputes.

Simon has investigated and provided advice in various technical and shipbuilding disputes, and appeared in the London High Court, in London Arbitration and in a US District Court (following deposition) as an expert witness.

Before joining LOC, Simon worked in general marine consultancy covering all ship types, working with shipyards worldwide.  As naval architect in single and multi-discipline teams, his projects included a special purpose cargo/passenger liner, two buoyage and lighthouse tenders and two refrigerated cargo ships. He was also naval architect on an MoD funded design study for a replacement dock landing ship.

He also worked in technical ship management where his experience covered new build and conversion projects, ro-ro ferry stability and high speed craft.  His projects included four ferry new buildings and a lengthening, the project definition and contracting phases of a major passenger ferry enhancement project and the planning of a major ferry manoeuvrability enhancement project, including the procurement of owner-supply principal machinery.