Our People

Nathan Atkinson

Naval Architect




Nathan joined LOC in 2011 and is a Naval Architect and Marine Warranty Surveyor based in Perth.

Nathan is a naval architect with a strong structural engineering and subsea background, specialising in marine warranty consultancy and engineering reviews across various marine and offshore operations, loadouts, seafastenings and transportations.

He has been involved in a number of high-profile offshore construction projects in Australia.  The projects cover a diverse range of subsea fields including the transport and installation of subsea riser support tower loadout (7500Te), mooring pile and mooring installation, mid depth buoys, infield subsea rigid pipelines (s-lay and J-lay), flexible risers and tie-in, umbilical and tie-in, subsea structures – spools (100m plus length), ILTS, SDUs, production manifolds (up to 1450Te), tie-in leads, gravity bases, and riser bases (up to 2500Te).