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Mike Pithie

Master Mariner


Master Mariners


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Mike is a Master Mariner (UK Class1), MBA (OU) holder and accredited OVID Inspector with 28 years of Offshore Industry experience. Prior to joining LOC in 2017 Mike held senior positions both onshore and offshore with leading industry companies. This included 3 years in Houston with BG Group as Director of Offshore Vessel Assurance and Operations where Mike was BG’s Representative on the OCMIF Offshore Marine Committee and in-house SME for Global Marine Operations. Mike is leading LOC’s Rig business line, which focuses on delivering safe, efficient and economic Rig related services and includes all aspects of rig related marine operations such as MWS towage / location approvals, mooring/structural analysis, rig moving, procedure writing, risk assessment, vessel/rig OVID audits etc.