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Michael Fraser

Master Mariner


Master Mariners




Has over twenty years deep sea experience on general cargo vessels, container ship, Ro-Ro vessels and bulk timber carriers.

Mike joined LOC in 2012, and is a master mariner and consultant based in London. Michael has 20 years’ deep-sea experience on general cargo vessels, container ships, Ro-Ro vessels, and bulk and timber carriers.

Since coming ashore in 1990 he has gained extensive knowledge in a variety of shore-based ship and port management operational roles. This includes operational management of containers, Ro-Ro vessels and floating dry-docks.

As a port marine officer for a major British port, he has gained experience as a marine consultant, marine warranty surveyor and is familiar with all aspects of offshore energy projects, such as towage, load outs, off-shore installations of jacket and deck modules pipe-laying, document reviews and approval of offshore operations.

Michael has undertaken numerous marine warranty jobs such as vessel suitability surveys, condition surveys, CMID and has offshore attendance experience for the installation of offshore assets.