Our People

Kang Yilong

Pipeline Engineer


Kang joined LOC in 2013 as a Pipeline Engineer based in Tianjin. He provides project management and marine warranty services with specific reference to the review of pipeline/subsea engineering documents, witness and approval for loading out, sea fastening and offshore installation of piping.

Kang started his career in pipeline operations in the role of Offshore Installation Manager and Senior Pipeline Engineer. He gained over ten years’ experience as a pipeline/subsea engineer during the installation and commissioning of offshore pipelines in China and Korea. During the course of this work, Kang engaged substantially in subsea pipeline/riser installation, pre & post trenching for pipeline laying, pre commissioning of pipeline, pipeline repair, umbilical/power cable installation, SPM system installation, subsea facilities installation, such as PLEM, PLET, SUTU, SSIV, wellhead and Xmas tree installation.

He is a graduate from Wuhan University of Technology in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and is fluent in English and Mandarin