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Jetze-Dirk Spijksma

Master Mariner


Master Mariners




Jetze-Dirk joined LOC in 2014, and is a Master Mariner based in the Netherlands.

Jetze-Dirk has many years’ experience as a nautical/technical officer. His background from the tanker industry means that he is well‑informed about ISM, ISO and industry related accreditation and checks as SIRE.

Prior to joining LOC, Jetze-Dirk was a Master onboard chemical parcel tankers, sailing worldwide up to 17,000 DWT. His seagoing experience comprises a total of 20 years, of which 12 years were as Chief Officer onboard chemical parcel tankers up to 40,000 DWT. As Chief Officer he was part of the shipboard management team and acted as Deputy Captain, taking responsibility for all cargo/ballast related operations, safety related matters and the planned maintenance of all deck equipment in cooperation with the Chief Engineer.

Since joining LOC Jetze-Dirk has carried out various types of surveys and audits including CMID inspections, condition and suitability surveys, bridge team resource audits and third party ISM audits on board tankers. He is also acting as Marine Warranty Surveyor on several projects including wind farm construction and special cargo shipments.