Our People

Guo Yang Liu

Naval Architect




Guo Yang joined LOC in 2011 as a marine warranty consultant and project manager based in Tianjin. With over 12 years’ experience in the oil & gas industry, Guo Yang has extensive knowledge in engineering document reviews, HAZOP workshops, marine operations advice and onsite attendances for loadout, transportation and installation operations. He has also acted as client site representative on many occasions. Guo Yang started his career as an offshore design engineer and was primarily responsible for producing and reviewing the loadout, transportation and installation drawings, calculations and manuals, and providing the technical support for onsite operations. Guo Yang then spent three years as an offshore installation manager for the installation of platforms, offshore China, including the PengLai 19-3 a project operated by ConocoPhillips and CaoFeiDian a project operated by KMG. Guo Yang was responsible for the review and approval of the design dossiers, coordinating the labour, equipment, material and vessel resources, leading the loadout, transportation and installation operations. He is an engineering graduate in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from Huazhong University and is fluent in English and Mandarin.