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Gordon Leung

Marine Engineer


Marine Engineers


Asia Pacific


In the course of forty years of my maritime career, I have worked in a variety of maritime sectors. Joined London Offshore Consultants Pte Singapore in Feb 2017 and I have been actively involved in marine casualties ( H&M and P&I ) surveys.

Scopes of surveys cover Main engine and Generator crankshaft damages / repairs and cause of failure investigation. Vessel condition survey for P&I, Hull damages due to vessel collisions. Rudder horn crack damage / repairs / cause investigation. Controllable Pitch Propeller damage / repairs. Main engine cylinder liners / pistons Catalytic fines damages / repairs. Main engine lubricating oil auto backwash filters failure caused damages to main engine crankshaft. Vessel reactivation surveys and single voyage surveys. Bow thruster malfunction repairs and Main engine fuel pumps failure and repairs.