Our People

Darren Wheeler

Hull & Machinery Co-ordinator


Darren is responsible for liaising and assisting all the LOC offices worldwide with respect to the Hull & Machinery surveys undertaken, whilst also being the primary contact for H&M surveys originating from the London Insurance Market.


Darren started his career within the London Insurance Market working for a small Lloyds Broking House, before moving on to accumulate over 24 years of experience and expertise in the coordination of all types of marine insurance related surveys, including H&M, Cargo, P&I, Liability, Warranty, Approval, Condition and Pre-Purchase, for a reputable worldwide survey company.  With his long standing presence within the London Insurance Market he has built-up a close rapport with many Underwriters, Brokers, Adjusters and other marine claims professionals working within the UK, US and other Worldwide Maritime Industries.