Marine wreckage poses unique risks both to navigation and to the environment. Unlike wreckage on land, it is often hard to detect as it is not always visible and furthermore, due to tides, there is the possibility of it moving and obstructing shipping routes.

While debris in established shipping lanes can result in possible collision hazards, there are also environmental factors which may need to be considered. Ships carrying cargo which may have a detrimental effect on the environment if spilt, for example fuels or chemicals, can cause catastrophic damage to the water and wildlife if not removed or contained quickly and efficiently. There have been several high-profile cases in the news over the last decade where oil spillages have impacted terribly on the environment and have damaged the reputation of those involved very seriously. It is due to both safety of the environment around us, and also the legal and practical implications of causing hazards at sea, that any marine wreckages need to be dealt with in a swift and professional manner.

At LOC Group, we have an extensive and highly experienced group of consultants who operate all around the world. This combined knowledge allows us to provide technical advice to our clients through each stage of the wreck removal process, from the initial assessment to the practicalities of carrying out the job. Often marine wreck removal, by its nature, has to involve heavy machinery and specialised equipment which can be problematic to coordinate. The whole process can end up being highly expensive and it is because of this that proper guidance throughout the removal or mitigation process is so important to get the job done efficiently.

LOC Group’s specialist wreck removal consultancy covers every part of the process, from preparation of the tender for removal, review of the bids received, both qualitative and quantitative risk assessment, technical advice, concerning advising on contracts, to informing on pollution prevention and control. We are a market leading group of technical experts, with a proven track record to help with wreck removal solutions and are able to offer a wide-ranging consultancy programme from start to finish.

It is due to our specialist team that we have experience of working with particularly difficult situations and have made a name for ourselves as being able to work effectively in high risk scenarios. We have a comprehensive list of our in-house experts which can be found online. Each adviser has a unique set of skills and experience, across a variety of areas, which ensure we are equipped to tackle the most unique of problems.