Stuart Duffield, VP of Marine Assurance & Risk, in LOC Houston has been re-elected to the Technical Advisory Council (TAC) board for 2018 as the corporate representative.

The Technical Advisory Council (TAC) is charged with making recommendations to the Board of Directors on all matters dealing with the crafting, implementation, and execution of the Offshore Service Vessel Dynamic Positioning Authority‘s (OSVDPA) certification program.

OSVDPA is a dynamic positioning operator (DPO) certification body based in New Orleans, LA, USA. The OSVDPA seeks to improve the safety of dynamic positioning (DP) operations by providing a pathway to training and certification for all of those who use dynamic positioning. The OSVDPA Certification Scheme was created to address several issues that were consistently topics of conversation between DPOs/Mariners, vessel operators, and others involved in the dynamic positioning world.

Stuart Duffield’s position as corporate representative on the TAC board means that he is able to bring LOC’s experience and knowledge of operations with numerous clients, projects and vessels to help further the training programs that OSVDPA develop to certify mariners as DPO’s.