Dr RV Ahilan, LOC Group Director, Renewables Advisory & Energy Technology, will be presenting to the Offshore Engineering Society on mooring systems for oil & gas vs floating wind. The presentation takes place from 5.30pm on Wednesday 10th January at the Institution of Civil Engineers.

In his talk Ahilan will be discussing how the oil & gas industry has utilised efficient mooring systems for the floating structures. The systems the oil & gas industry have used for over half a century have evolved to a position where fit-for-purpose designs address the subtle differences in operational conditions.

The offshore wind industry is on the cusp of an exciting new frontier that will see the increasing use of floating structures to host wind turbines. Early designs of mooring systems show remarkable departures in some areas from the historical design experience.

Ahilan aims to scrutinise, some of the fundamental choices being made that have led to these departures, to conclude on their rationale and where further examination is necessary to ensure that future developments in floating wind are not set back through catastrophic failures.

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