Mark Lomas, Paris Mangriotis and Edward Wollaston of LOC attended the London Shipping Law Centre’s (LSLC) event at Clyde and Co.’s London office. The event focused upon the current issues in General Average and salvage.

Chaired by the Honourable Mr. Justice Teare, the panel opened with a talk from Mr. Stephen Kenny QC of 7KBW on the Supreme Court’s decision on the M.V. “Longchamp” court case, which has reportedly changed the legal position on Rule F of the York-Antwerp Rules 1974. Mr. Martin Hall, of Clyde and Co., went on to describe the current issues under the new 2016 York Antwerp Rules, which led onto further debate on the Rule F impact (or lack of impact), with clear differences in opinions from members of the panel and the floor.

The panel moved onto salvage issues. The new Secretary of State’s Representative, Mr. Les Chapman, introduced his role, detailed his responsibilities and listed the available powers of the position. This was followed by a presentation by Mr. Jason Bennet of Ardent Global on some of the challenges affecting the salvage sector, including the decline in pure LOF contracts; transfer of risk to contractors and quantitative risk assessment in tendering and wreck removals.