LOC Renewables specialists in subsea cable laying operations and engineering, were invited to contribute to the discussion at the Subsea Cable Asset Management & Reliability Forum, taking place this week.

Roberto Longo, Engineering Manager at LOC Renewables and LOC Group Company, Longitude Engineering, presented on the topic of “Nearshore Cable Installation: Understanding Metocean Characteristics and their impact on project operability and risk”. His presentation covered:

  • In most OWF projects, Meteocean data are assessed at early stage and most of time only focussing on the offshore wind farm location
  • In the nearshore area the wave and current characteristics can be very different due to the shallower water depth and coastal features
  • As a consequence a better understanding of nearshore Metocean characteristics is crucial to optimise the nearshore operations during the engineering phase
  • A better understanding of nearshore environmental characteristics can therefore reduce the risks and optimise the operability/performance

Mike McLachlan, Renewables Business Line Director at LOC London, presented on the topic of “Current Installation Risks from an MWS Perspective”. His presentation covered:

  •  Planning – The engineering and operational planning issues and risks
  • Operations – Loadout, installation, protection and repair issues and risks
  • Current issues – Effects of Covid-19 restrictions

The event is hosted online, with the 2nd day taking place today. Overall the event covers the following key topic areas:

  • Smart Cable Installation
  • Reduce the Risk of Subsea Cables Failure
  • Cable Protection and Next-Generation System Design
  • Inspection Methods and Condition Monitoring for Cable Lifetime Extension
  • Digital Innovation in Offshore Survey and Inspection
  • Subsea Power Cable – Driving Down Maintenance & Repair Costs
  • Automation of Cable Fault Response
  • Data Driven Cable Maintenance Optimisation
  • Securing Asset Integrity in Offshore Power Cable Operations

More details on the event can be found here.