During these unprecedented times, the LOC Hull & Machinery team has continued to operate and offer the best casualty related coverage possible, with survey attendances being arranged in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, and United States, over the past month, for both Hull & Machinery interests, Cargo interests, and Lawyers. With the added challenges now being encountered, not all these attendances were as straight forward as they previously would have been, but all attendances were handled in a professional manner to protect the staff and interests of all parties concerned.

In addition to these attendances, we have been able to offer and undertake desktop reviews of numerous incidents, in cases where the local travel restrictions were stricter, or a surveyor was unable to attend.

Update on status of Hull & Machinery Consultant Surveyors

A brief update on some of the restrictions/problems being encountered by some of our consultant surveyors, in way of travel and availability.

Athens, Greece/ Istanbul, Turkey

We have Marine Engineer’s and Master Mariner’s based in Athens, that can travel throughout Greece, with an Essential Services permit. We also have a Marine Engineer in Istanbul, Turkey, where the situation in respect of travel is a bit severer, with access to vessels not always guaranteed.

South Africa

We have a Marine Engineer and a Master Mariner available in Cape Town, South Africa, however South Africa has been put on total lockdown, until 16 April 2020, but Essential Services Exemption permits can be requested.

Hong Kong

We have a Marine Engineer and a Master Mariner available in Hong Kong, currently travel outside of Hong Kong presently out of the question, with most neighbouring countries requiring a mandatory 14-day quarantine upon arrival. With the same quarantine period also applying to returnees to Hong Kong.


We have a Marine Engineer available in Panama, we will revert with the current situation in that region concerning Covid-19 in due course.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

We have Marine Engineer’s and Master Mariner’s available in Rotterdam, currently there is no entire lockdown, and no boarding restrictions imposed by the Rotterdam Port Authorities, although some vessels have been instructed to minimise boarding of shore personnel.

Shanghai, China

We have Marine Engineer’s and Master Marnier’s available in Shanghai and the surrounding regions, the lockdown period in China has just passed. Travel restrictions remain in place across China but these are slowly being reduced and traveling around China is expected to improve.

All our consultant surveyors are keeping abreast of their local restrictions and requirements, that have been implemented by the respected Governments, and are fully up to date with respect to the travel permits/permissions needed for their local ports.

In such a case where a physical survey attendance is unfeasible or not permitted, all our consultant surveyors are available to undertake a desktop investigation and apply their local knowledge to the incident under review.