LOC Group has been an independent force within the marine assurance and risk sector since 1979. Our global expertise has enabled us to assist in claims, disputes and litigations across a wide variety of sectors and covers almost every aspect of marine business. Our expert team at LOC Group are able to provide advice and guidance throughout all stages of a wide variety of marine claims and disputes.

Our established links with P&I clubs, property underwriters, lawyers and admiralty law firms mean that we are able to follow the claims and disputes process through from start to finish to achieve the best possible results. In the instance of a dispute resulting in litigation proceedings we have the knowhow to provide our expert advice in court of arbitration hearings. Covering an array of sectors, we are capable not only of compiling evidence but also to provide written and oral testimonials in anything from personal injury to shipyard construction. We specialise in being able to offer a fast and cost-effective service to our customers, both commercial and private clients

To date, our staff have relayed expert evidence in all of the world’s major maritime law courts and arbitration centres on a number of large and complex cases. This experience demonstrates that we are well equipped to cover the needs of any potential client’s issues.

Our main areas of involvement include, but are not restricted to:

  • Services relating to shipping casualties, a sector which can include anything from the initial investigation process to in-depth analysis of technical details such as meteorological conditions and electronic navigational data.
  • Marine accident investigation which utilises up to date data analysis from MADAS (Marine Accident Data Analysis Suite) to enable replay of events and trend plots, amongst other functions. The evidence gleaned from such analysis can be used to provide legal advice as to the cause of accidents.
  • Personal injury- an area in which we have a proven track record of successful investigation. Not only can we provide legal evidence but we are also able to help understand the root cause of such issues and therefore offer recommendations to prevent the same problems reoccurring in the future.
  • Shipyard construction. We are able to provide evidence based advice to guide and support you through both a full construction process and also any construction disputes. Our technical team cover all aspects of oil and gas facilities, including LPG carriers and drill ships as well as being well versed in construction methods.

Whatever issue which may have arisen in a marine environment, LOC Group have both the expertise and tools to navigate the legal procedures necessary. Meet our team here.