Asset integrity and marine assurance is essential throughout the operational life cycle of an offshore oil and gas facility and LOC offer a range of services that can assist operators and contractors in the planning, engineering and risk mitigation of their day to day operations, maintenance programs and any life extension or refurbishment programs.

These services can be offered across our global network of offices to provide a local cost effective solution. Services offered include but are not limited to;

  • Marine Operations support/planning.
  • HSE Support and safety studies.
  • Risk based periodical inspections.
  • Asset Integrity assessments.
  • Life extension studies.
  • Marine Assurance Surveys (OVID, CMID, ISM etc).
  • DP Audits
  • FMEA
  • IMR (Inspection Maintenance and Repair) planning
  • Marine Spread contract charter party review.
  • Rig audits and inspections.
  • Rig moving Services (Oil company rep, rig mover and marine warranty services).
  • Casualty/Emergency response planning.
  • Incident investigations/damage Inspections.
  • Lift engineering design, verification or warranty.
  • Facility modification/ upgrade engineering design, verification or warranty.
  • QA Audits.
  • Claims & Disputes legal experts advice.
  • Decommissioning planning.

our fields of expertise:

services expertise within Operations and Maintenance: