LOC’s experience in the offshore renewables industry started in 2002 with the performance of a navigational risk assessment for the Barrow offshore wind farm UK. Today our master mariners, naval architects, geotechnical, electrical, maritime civil, structural, and marine engineers provide advice and support for the planning, transportation, MWS surveys, site specific location approvals for jack-ups, vessel audits and assurance and offshore installation of windfarms, wave and tidal devices/arrays, offshore substations and offshore grid, export, interconnector and array cabling.

Our largest service provision to-date has been to provide marine warranty services (MWS) either on behalf of underwriters and their assured, who are often the developer, or for self-insured clients.  We have experience from single vessel surveys right through to series windfarm construction in every possible environment as well as the knowledge to ensure that risks are minimised.  We have been appointed MWS on over 30 such projects across the UK, Europe, North America and Asia, alongside several other tidal and wave generating system projects.

Our renewables team worked very closely with the offshore renewable industry to develop marine warranty guidelines for offshore wind farm construction. LOC has additionally authored the RenewableUK  “Guidelines for the selection and operation of jack-ups in the marine renewable industry” which has become the industry’s standard guidance for these marine operations.

Outside of our MWS activities LOC has provided a multitude of other marine consultancy and engineering services to the renewables sector including, but not limited to the following;

  • Operational planning and oversight;
    • Export cable repair, cable de-burial, loop removal, repairs and reburial
    • Gravity base, driven and drilled rock socket monopiles, jacket foundations with through leg and pin piles, floating spar and semi-submersible structure installation
    • Met mast installations
    • Export array and collector cable load-out, transportation, trans-spool and lay by plough, jetting, trenching and vertical injectors
    • Wind turbine installations
    • Subsea structures, spars and semi‑submersibles, twisted jacket installation
    • Transportation and installation of wave devices and tidal stream turbines
  • Design engineering for;
    • Wind turbine component transportation
    • Tower, nacelle and blade installation
    • Cable carousel and highway design
    • Rock dumping, concrete mattress laying and scour protection
    • Seafastening and transportation engineering
  • Site specific assessments and location approvals for jack-ups
  • Vessel, tug and barge, crane barge and jack up audits
  • IMCA and OVID surveys of offshore construction, transfer and accommodation vessels
  • Dynamic positioning audits and capability assessments
  • General towage approvals
  • Project management
  • CDM support
  • Evaluation of project concepts and bids
  • Technical due diligence
  • Preparation of contingency plans
  • Environmental impact studies and navigational risk assessment
  • Mooring design
  • Expert opinion for offshore design and installation disputes
  • Accident investigation

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