LOC is a leading international marine and engineering consultancy to the world’s offshore decommissioning industry and an active member of the SUT’s salvage and decommissioning committee.

Our decommissioning expertise comes from circa 20 years of experience in the provision of professional, technical and consulting services on a wide range of international decommissioning projects. Our first high profile decommissioning project was Brent Spar where we provided warranty and consultancy services to Shell for the disconnection, wet tow, deconstruction and eventual re-use in jetty construction of the spar structure.

Since that time we have worked on a wide range of different types of decommissioning projects and discrete operation types in the majority of the world’s major offshore oil and gas producing regions including but not limited to the following;

  • Spar tow and deconstruction.
  • Steel GBS platform removals and deconstruction
  • Topsides removals (piece small, modular lift, single lift and float-off)
  • Fixed jacket, piles and template removals (piece small, single lift and re-float).
  • FPSO disconnection and tow (Including yolk, external riser turret, internal turret and spread moored vessels).
  • FPSO mooring systems and riser removals.
  • Articulated loading columns, CALM buoys and other loading systems.
  • Flexible and umbilical recoveries (including associated riser bases and lay-over arches etc).
  • Manifolds, X-mas trees, well-head and other subsea structure removals.
  • Pipeline abandonment including cleaning, flushing and rock-dumping.
  • Semi-sub & drill rig tow and disposal.

The range of services offered in the decommissioning space include;

  • Marine warranty for lifting, backload, transportation, wet tow, load-in and deconstruction operations.
  • Decommissioning studies and independent assessments.
  • Removal operations procedure development
  • Engineering verification.
  • Removal and transport design engineering and analysis.
  • Management and monitoring of decommissioning operations.
  • Advice regarding removal contracting strategies.
  • Salvage/decommissioning contractor and tender evaluation.
  • Condition surveys of structure, equipment and vessels.
  • Recommendations/studies for decommissioning techniques.
  • Structural integrity/fit for purpose assessments for removal.
  • Recommendations for reuse/recycle/disposal of equipment.
  • Assessment/sourcing of marine spread equipment and procedures.
  • Preparation/assessment of safe voyage route planning.
  • Dispute resolution services for all aspects of decommissioning.

Whatever your decommissioning project entails we have the skills and experience to assist.

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