LOC has been providing marine consultancy and marine warranty services for large onshore development projects since the mid 1980’s. Our first major project was the Humber Refinery in the United Kingdom where we acted as marine warranty surveyors to Conoco for their modernised and long lead cargo transport. Since that time LOC has provided services for  an impressive range of the world’s largest onshore developments where large marine transportation handling has been involved.

The range of facilities that we have consulted or provided insurance warranty on include, but is not limited to;

  • LNG plants (single and multi-train developments)
  • Petrochemical refineries
  • Oil/gas storage and distribution plants
  • Power stations (including coal, gas and nuclear facilities)
  • Ore processing facilities
  • Mine sites
  • Port and cargo loading/discharge facility developments
  • Airports
  • Bridges
  • Wind farms

Included within these projects have been some of the largest Capex development projects in the world (See our project profiles below for some examples). Many have been undertaken in remote areas around the globe and in varying environments from the high arctic to monsoonal tropics and from outback Australia to the deserts of the Middle East, and everything  in between.

We are probably best known for our market leading marine warranty services during the construction, loading transport and discharge phases for modularised cargo and long lead equipment for these projects. However, the range of services we have provided, and can offer, is much broader than this.

Our multi-disciplinary project teams include master mariners, naval architects, marine civil engineers, structural engineers, mechanical engineers and many more. Collectively our teams have experience in all facets of the marine elements for onshore construction projects and some purely onshore ones as well.

The range of services provided for onshore development projects include the following to name but a few;

  • Marine warranty services
  • Transport and civil construction vessel surveys, inspections and audits.
  • Module and long lead cargo seafastening designs
  • Transportation vessel motions analysis
  • Module transportation route studies and environmental criteria assessments
  • Offloading facility concept selection studies, civil design and verification reviews
  • Mooring arrangement design for loading and discharge operations
  • Port navigation studies
  • Port operational procedures and logistics plans
  • Loading and discharge ballasting and stability calculations
  • RoRo loading and discharge procedures
  • Rigging designs for single and multi-crane lifts
  • Site lifting, skidding, jacking and integration supervision
  • Bankable studies and feasibility assessments for proposed developments
  • Transportation risk assessments
  • Project cargo logistics management
  • Cargo damage assessments and investigations

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