Brian McJury

Master Mariner
Brian joined LOC in 2014 as a Master Mariner with 22 year’s sea-going and port management experience. Brian has held command on roll-on/roll-off vessels and served as Harbour Master, Director and Commissioner roles for multi-cargo port and harbour authorities, fishery harbours and navigational authorities. Previously, he has spent time on offshore vessels, ice breakers, coasters and survey vessels giving experience in traditional and electronic navigation. Brian spent several years managing all port, pilotage and stevedoring services and latterly implementing Pilotage legislation and STCW requirements for a State administration overseas. He has been involved in investigating and preparing expert witness reports, acting as Barge Master for construction yards and the oil industry and assisting implementing European Directives with flag states. Brian is a member of the Nautical Institute, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Maritime Law.

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pollution in a small port or harbour


Handling pollution in a small port or harbour

Published 22nd November 2016 by