We provide a bespoke vessel assurance process

LOC provides a bespoke vessel assurance process to determine that a vessel and / or its equipment meet contract and operation specific requirements. The assurance process may include a variety of disciplines and maybe varied from vessel to vessel depending on the work to be done and the risk it presents.

The objective is to determine that the subject vessel is fit for purpose and is compliant with flag, class, operating area and charterer’s specification. Technical areas and disciplines include marine, dynamic positioning, pipe-lay, lifting, dive & ROV arrangements, helideck to name a few.

LOC has developed in-house check forms to guide inspectors through the important elements of the various systems. The work will typically include a summary report for each area and the vessel as a whole complete with findings / comments and observations tracking. Follow-up and closure of these is pursued in discussion with the owner / operator of the vessel or unit and the client. A final report is issued after all items are closed.

This process is well founded, particularly in the oil and gas industry  where national regulation may require a ‘see to it’ duty imposed on the license holder for an offshore field.  Equally it can be applied in other areas of marine work.

Instructions are often for work on a specific vessel or facility, or with multiple vessels and entire fleets. With our wide international network of offices, we can survey and inspect vessels and facilities anywhere in the world thus reducing the risk of delay to project or operations with ‘last minute’ inspections that reveal show-stopper findings.

Vessel Assurance / in the news

  • 24th March 2017

The Vessel Assurance Process Followed by Survey Vessel Companies

Here at LOC Group, we provide a vessel assurance process unique to your needs. We provide a bespoke service because the levels of work necessary, as well as the levels of risk, can vary depending on the vessel in question. Vessel assurance is an impe...