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Marine Surveys, Audits & Inspections

We have undertaken an extensive range of surveys, inspections and audits in all parts of the world and on behalf of many different industry interests; including vessel owners and managers, charterers, flag state, brokers, banks and insurance parties.

Our role is part of the risk management for an asset or operation; we concentrate our effort on the technical governance and operation expertise for a vessel or operation and focus our service to a client’s need.

We can provide a variety of surveys including suitability / condition surveys, project specific reporting and industry standards such as IMCAs CMID & eCMID, OCIMFs, OVID (offshore vessel inspection database) and MSF (Marine Safety Forum). LOC often work with clients to advise on the best format for each client case, this can include tailored solutions.

Instructions are often for work on a specific vessel or facility, however we also work with multiple vessels and entire fleets. Due to our wide international network of offices, our marine surveyors and inspectors can provide services to vessels and facilities anywhere in the world.


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