We are the leading provider of FMEA & FMECA systems

LOC is the leading provider of  FMEA (failure mode and effects analysis) and FMECA (failure mode, effects and criticality analysis) of various fault tolerant systems. We have engineers and surveyors around the world who are experienced in design, operation, first and third party analysis and Classification Society requirements for dynamic positioning systems (DP), drilling systems, dive & ROV systems, ballast systems, jacking systems, crane systems, pipe-lay systems, LNG cargo systems including re-liquefaction systems, power systems where emergency generators are not used, redundant propulsion stems and safe return to port in compliance with IMO requirements for passenger ships and crew boats.

Our experts have experience in undertaking in-depth analysis of DP systems involving open bus, closed bus (ring main and single bus), Low Loss Concept (LLC) configurations and DC distribution systems such as ABB’s on board DC grid and Siemens Blue Drive Plus C.

Their scope can provide technical solutions to problems of DP vessels, design guides, vessel upgrades to equipment standard DP1 or DP2 or DP3.

  • Drilling systems: Our personnel are involved in Class approval of drilling systems for Certification of Drilling Systems (CDS) notations and FMEAs written by system suppliers such Aker and NOV etc.
  • Jacking system: LOC offers FMEA service for complete jacking system. LOC will advise on solutions to improve the system to ensure that a single failure is within the safe limit.
  • Dive and ROV system FMEA: Dive and ROV system FMEAs are undertaken to determine single failure points that may affect the system safe limits.
  • Crane and lifting system: Our engineers undertake failure modes and their effects for crane and any lifting systems.
  • Pipe-lay system: In addition to pipe-lay system, analysis can be extended to determine the effects of a single failure during pipe lay operation.
  • Redundant propulsion systems: Single failure analysis of redundant propulsions systems is used to determine whether the vessel can maintain the propulsion under reduced speed in the event of a single failure.
  • Safe return to port – cruise ships: LOC has the experience to conduct failure analyses to determine whether the vessel is compliant to the IMO requirement.
  • Power system FMEA: LOC has the ability to conduct the full analysis of power systems.
  • Dynamic Positioning incident investigations : LOC can investigate the root cause for an incident, system re-test / re-instatement, repair monitoring and advice and operation follow-up.
  • Preparation of DP operations manuals: A DP operation manual is a Class requirement for DP vessels and also includes possible Critical Activity Modes of Operation (CAMO) and Task Appropriate Modes (TAM) based on the flexibility of system configurations. LOC has extensive experience in preparing DP operation manuals in compliance with the Class Rules and industry standards. We also conduct internal gap analysis of DP operation manual to ensure our products meet with industry standards.

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