We are market leaders in wreck removal

LOC’s track record as independent technical experts advising vessel owners and insurers in some of the world’s most challenging wreck removal operations makes us the market leaders in this field.

Whether in a consulting or surveying capacity, we frequently work alongside the world’s leading marine salvage and wreck removal contractors on our clients’ behalf.

Our specialist wreck removal services include:

  • Technical advice throughout the tendering process for wreck removal, including preparation of invitation to tender, technical bid evaluation and advice on contracts
  • Technical feasibility assessment and advice on planned wreck removal methodology
  • Independent cost and progress monitoring and reporting
  • Engineering analysis of wreck removal activities such as dynamic lifting, refloating or float-on operations
  • Advice and coordination of pollution prevention & control
  • Liaison with local and national authorities in the development of wreck removal plans

Wreck Removal / in the news

  • 11th July 2017

Wreck Removal & Hazards that Could Occur Without Proper Procedure

Marine wreckage poses unique risks both to navigation and to the environment. Unlike wreckage on land, it is often hard to detect as it is not always visible and furthermore, due to tides, there is the possibility of it moving and obstructing shippin...