We can assess the damage from vessel collisions and grounding

LOC is frequently instructed to assess the damage resulting from vessel collisions and groundings on behalf of the vessel’s owners or insurers. Our experienced master mariners, marine engineers and naval architects can attend the vessel to investigate the cause of the incident, assess the stability and strength of the vessel in its damaged state, and provide independent advice in relation to salvage operations. Once the nature and extent of damages are known we are able to estimate the likely cost of repairs and monitor and report throughout the repair process.

Should the collision or grounding become the subject of litigation proceedings, LOC is able to provide expert evidence which may encompass:

  • Analysis of electronic navigational data
  • Analysis and interpretation of AIS (Automatic Identification System) data to replicate collision scenarios
  • Analysis of meteorological conditions at the time of the casualty
  • Ship collision investigation such as speed and angle of blow
  • 3D modelling and video overlay of incident modelling
  • Navigational aspects of the vessel collision or grounding
  • Ship handling
  • Pollution control
  • Assessment of vessel structural integrity and stability following damage, potential consequential loss and how to minimise it
  • Nature and extent of damage
  • Repairs and repair costs

Collisions & Groundings / in the news

  • 25th September 2015

Remote, end of the world location but a rapid & successful response

LOC was involved as consultant to owners and club in the bunker and wreck removal of the RoRo  “AMADEO 1” in the Kirke Canal, Patagonia, Chile.  The vessel was grounded and capsized in August 2014. The Kirke Canal is about 32 n.miles from the near...