We have a proven track record of successful claims investigation

The experience and specialist knowledge of LOC’s experts, which includes master mariners and marine engineers, means that we are able to investigate claims, carry out analysis, provide expert opinion and written/oral expert evidence on all manner of voyage analysis and dispute matters.

We have a proven track record of successful claims investigation and settlement on behalf of our clients, which include P&I clubs, lawyers, ship owners, charterers and cargo interests.

Should a dispute culminate in litigation proceedings, LOC is able to provide expert advice and written/oral evidence at court or arbitration hearings.  LOC staff have given expert evidence in all of the world’s major maritime law courts and arbitration centres in some of the largest and complex cases.

LOC’s services in relation to Claims, Disputes and Litigations – voyage:

  • Charter Party Disputes:
    • Speed Claims investigation.
    • Performance Analysis.
    • AIS data analysis to compare actual and reported voyage performance.
  • Voyage incident investigation and analysis including VDR data analysis.
  • Spot claims resolution for tackling the occasional demurrage claim or dispute.
  • Single voyage post voyage analyses.

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LOC deploys Safe Trans software

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