The experience and specialist knowledge of LOC’s technical staff enables us to investigate claims, provide expert opinion and written/oral expert evidence on all manner of shipping casualty matters.

LOC has a proven track record of successful claims investigation and settlement on behalf of our clients, which include P&I clubs, lawyers, hull & machinery underwriters, ship owners, charterers and cargo interests.

Should a dispute culminate in litigation proceedings, LOC is able to provide expert advice and written/oral evidence at court or arbitration hearings. LOC staff have given expert evidence in all of the world’s major maritime law courts and arbitration centres in some of the largest and complex cases.

LOC’s services in relation to shipping casualties include:

  • Attendance, initial investigation and reporting
  • Estimation of quantum, assessment of reasonable repair costs and repair methods
  • Independent technical assessment of salvage and wreck removal methods
  • Investigation of casualty strength, stability and salvage dangers
  • Expert advice on causation, including:
    • Analysis of seaworthiness including vessel strength and stability
    • 3D modelling and video overlay of incident modelling
    • Analysis of meteorological conditions at the time of the casualty
    • Analysis of electronic navigational data
    • Expert advice on navigational aspects and ship handling
    • Ship collision investigation such as speed and angle of blow
    • Analysis and interpretation of AIS (Automatic Identification System) data to replicate collision scenarios